We believe a real smart contract should be able to accommodate AI inference function to provide an extension of our human imagination and allow Autonomous AI evolution. For example, a smart contract that has the ability of image recognition and natural language processing.

In this demo, we will demonstrate a possible use case of Cortex AI Smart Contract.

International Bird Watching Society is trying to build a open souce database of bird images. They have already developed an AI model which could predict whether there are any spices of bird in a picture. They decided to apply blockchain technique to verify the photos which were taken from wild cameras. This could be a reliable calculation environment for executing decentralized AI App reward mechanism.

To help International Bird Watching Society, please Sign In or Register to get started.You will get 10 CTXC (test token) for reward when you upload a valid bird photo!

Below table shows transactions that already happened on the blockchain.

我们相信真正的智能合约应该拥有执行 AI 推断的功能,以提供我们人类想象力的延伸并允许自主 AI 的演变。例如,具有图像识别和自然语言处理能力的智能合约。

在这个演示中,我们将演示 Cortex AI 智能合约的一个使用案例。

国际观鸟协会正在试图建立其开源的鸟类照片数据库。他们已经开发了一个 AI 模型,可以区分照片是否包含任何鸟类物种。他们决定使用区块链共识技术来验证野外摄像头捕获的照片,这可能是一个可信计算环境下对执行去中心化 AI APP 的奖励机制。


下表显示了区块链上已发生的交易。 当你登录到主页面后,上传鸟照可让你获得10个 CTXC(测试币)奖励并帮助国际观鸟协会完善其数据库!


Height Age Miner Address Tx# Miner Reward
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